Your best carers don't come through job boards

If you're like most home care providers, your main source of advertising for new care workers is through online job boards like Indeed.

And like most home care providers, your no-show rates through job boards are 50% or higher, and the applicants rarely meet the basic requirements such as being able to drive even with pre-screening questions.

Job Boards are Dead!

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You need more care workers

To maintain your high levels of care you need more care workers.

In order to grow, you need more care workers.

The truth is your best care workers don't come through job boards. You need a way of finding more candidates just like your best carers.

Hire your best care workers

There are better ways of hiring great care workers without relying on job boards.

Over 103,000 people search every month for care worker roles within the home care sector.

Job Boards are dead is a guide for home care providers to give you the tools to hire your best care workers online, whether you need 4 new care workers a month or you're hiring on a national scale.

"It's all very new, and I'm always sceptical of new technology"

Digital marketing techniques have been used successfully by recruitment agencies and other sectors for several years to source candidates.

Whilst the home care sector is late to the party, some of the national names in domiciliary care already employ digital marketers to help hire care workers.

"I'm very cautious of any company selling the solution to everyone’s problem"

And you’d be right to be wary of anyone selling the solution to such a complex problem. As people are living longer, and fewer young people are choosing a career in healthcare, there is an impending crisis.

Job Boards are dead is a toolkit designed to help your business hire great care workers, but it's by no means a solution to the entire problem facing the social care industry.

Whats included

Job Boards are Dead is a guide written specifically for Home Care Providers to help them find great care workers online.

The guide explores why no-show rates and candidate quality are so bad using job boards and how you can find more people just like your best carers online..

The guide walks you through creating an online campaign to build a pipeline of great candidates which you can 'set and forget'.

What's your refund policy?

If the book's not for you just reply to your purchase receipt email within 30 days and I'll happily give you a refund. My mission is to help the home care industry continue to provide excellent care to people in their own home. If this book doesn't help you do that, then I'll happily provide a refund.

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About the Author

Hey, I'm Robert Games, a digital marketer and Author. I live in Surrey, UK with my wonderful partner and two sons.

I’ve been working in the digital industry for 18 years. I accidentally stumbled into recruitment marketing, helping recruitment agencies source more candidates.

When my friend had a life-changing accident requiring him to need live-in care, I decided I wanted to make a difference and turned my skills to focus on helping home care providers hire great care workers.

I’ve written this book to share my knowledge with everyone, so together we can help more people continue living at home.

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